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* Your confidence on camera rating and what this means

* An unexpectedly easy way to get comfortable on video

* A simple way to maximise the impact of your message

* How to use accessories to up the wow factor in shoots

* Essential posing tips for you, even if some seem weird

* How to optimize profile pics for the best first impression

* Game changing tips for a visual legacy your tribe loves

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7 x 3 minute videos + 7 downloadable PDF
documents with easy-to-implement exercises.

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Your Instructor

Naomi Estment
Naomi Estment

Hi! I'm Naomi, personal branding photographer, videographer and trainer, passionate about helping people shine on camera and make it count. I'm particularly grateful to have won a scholarship to Marie Forleo's online B-School in 2016 on the basis of my entry video and that my website won the 2017 SA Best Photographic Blog award for South Africa.

I also co-own Outdoor Video & Photographic (based in Jo'burg) with my husband Dave. Since January 2001, our company has specialized in helping leading corporate, commercial and entrepreneurial clients to step up the power of their marketing via professional photography and videography. We're also grateful that our site was voted 2014 SA Best Photographic Blog winner, 2015 & 2016 runner up.

I look forward to connecting with you in my course!

What do my clients say?

This course is based on my 15+ years of pro photography and videography experience, as well as my live group workshops. See below what some of my beautiful clients say.


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